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Discutie - Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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Discutie - Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Mesajde Isostar » 07 Mai 2014, 16:00

Post: #1Discutie - Temporary Foreign Worker Program
In ultima vreme s-au intetit discutiile in politica si economie despre TFW (Temporary Foreign Worker) Program. Este cu dus si intors si fiecare isi vede interesul. Sunt domenii si locatii unde chiar este nevoie de TFW, dar sunt multe altele unde chiar este exagerat. Problema majora este:

Temporary Foreign Worker Program May Be Taking 1/4 Of New Jobs

The number of job opportunities in Canada is shrinking, and the temporary foreign worker (TFW) program may be to blame, according to an overlooked comment in a recent report from the Parliamentary Budget Office.

The report also suggests that one-quarter of new jobs in Canada could be going to temporary foreign workers.

New data from StatsCan, released Tuesday, show the number of job openings in Canada continues to shrink, sitting near its lowest points since StatsCan started measuring the data in 2011.

There was an average of 219,000 job vacancies in Canada in 2013, down from 252,000 in 2012, StatsCan reported. Competition for jobs is also growing: There were 6.2 unemployed people per job in 2013, compared to 5.4 unemployed per job the year before.

The PBO report, released last month, suggests that the TFW program may be behind the shrinking job opportunities.

“A higher portion of TFWs in the private sector could also be putting downward pressure on the private-sector job vacancy rate, as the presence of the [foreign worker program] leaves labour demand broadly unaffected while reducing the number of job vacancies,” the report said.

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Internal doc: Jason Kenney knew airlines were flying around TFW rules

Jason Kenney's department permitted airlines to hire foreign pilots under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program after acknowledging carriers were sidestepping "requirements and guidance," an internal memo says.

"Requiring Sunwing and Canjet to change too quickly may put these Canadian companies at risk," Employment Minister Jason Kenney was advised last October in a memo from his Deputy Minister, Ian Shugart.

"Furthermore, refusing the current applications for reasons other than not meeting current program requirements and guidance this close to the Canadian vacation season may significantly affect both Canadian consumers and Canadian pilots otherwise employed by these companies since the impact on this year's operations could be severe."

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Site-ul din linkul de mai jos este sustinut de cei care sunt impotriva TFW, asa ca nu va asteptati sa fie impartiali. Dar daca te uiti la detalii, chiat iti vine sa te iei cu mainele de cap.

Temporary Foreign Workers Map Goes Viral

Vancouver - A new website mapping companies that have received approval to hire temporary foreign workers has gone viral.

The website shows thousands of businesses in British Columbia and Alberta that successfully applied to the program up until the end of 2012 — a large number of them restaurants and pubs.

Creator Rohana Rezel says he's waiting for more information from the federal Human Resources department so he can produce maps for other provinces.

Rezel says he immigrated to Canada from Sri Lanka six years ago, and is not against temporary foreign workers.

But he says there is a demand from Canadians to know which companies are using the controversial program.

And he says he fears that workers in Canada on a temporary basis are very vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.



Si asta ultima pentru acum:

A Calgary-based company advertises jobs in Alberta that are only open to Mexican Citizens, the employer’s website shows.

Mexi-Can Labour Force Inc is currently advertising a number of positions for tradespersons and related skilled workers that are “Sólo para ciudadanos Mexicanos” – only For Mexican Citizens.

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