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Statistici canadiene

Un alt continent, o alta tara, alt sistem social, financiar, medical etc. Redescopera valoarea informatiei cand incepi o noua viata.Tot ce nu stiai despre Canada gasesti aici. Sinteze si raspunsuri la intrebarile tale despre sistemul federal si provincial canadian.

Statistici canadiene

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Ceva statistici canadieni, mai iesite din comun:

Searching Canada: What Baffles Canadians Most About Their Homeland?

Google’s Autocomplete feature was born with the purpose of making search a little bit faster, and maybe a little bit more fun. Type in a few words or even just a character or two, and Google will suggest the most common completions of that query. Sure, it can save you a few keystrokes when you’re looking for the name of that nearby burrito shop. But isn’t the real point of this crowd-sourced sociological treasure trove to discover what weird and wonderful things people are searching for?

This article is the first in our Searching Canada series where we explore public search data to understand what Canadians really think about their country, their city, and themselves. Today, we tackle the question of what baffles Canadians most about their provinces and cities, by offering Google the prompt “Why does [place name]” and seeing what Autocomplete tells us most users type next.

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