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Emigrare engleza: Joburi eligibile valabile PANA IN 25.06.10

Etapele emigrarii in provinciile engleze ale Canadei (aplicatii pe partea federala): variante de emigrare, actele necesare, formulare, costuri, teste de limba, informatii si discutii
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Emigrare engleza: Joburi eligibile valabile PANA IN 25.06.10

Mesajde Anca Labuneti » 07 Ian 2010, 17:43

Informatiile prezentate mai jos au fost valabile pana in 25.06.2010 !!!
Pentru legislatia curenta urmariti topicul Emigrare engleza: Joburi eligibile valabile DUPA 26.06.2010

In urma modificarilor legislative din Nov 2008 , emigrarea pe partea engleza a devenit restrictiva prin prisma joburilor acceptate ca fiind eligibile. Astfel, din totalitatea joburilor canadiene care sunt cuprinse in NOC= nomenclatorul canadian de ocupatii
( http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/NOC/English/NOC ... lcome.aspx ) ,
doar 38 de ocupatii sunt considerate a fi eligibile pentru emigrarea pe partea engleza in acest moment. Este nevoie de o experienta de minim 1 an intr-una din aceste 38 de meserii , experienta remunerata si dovedibila cu acte.

In anul abia incheiat, refuzurile federale au fost toate cauzate de o corelare gresita a atributiilor aplicantilor cu atributiile jobului corespondent din NOC sau de aplicarea sub coduri care nu se regasesc in deja celebra lista 38 .
Acest topic se vrea a fi un ajutor pentru viitorii emigranti pe partea engleza, in el fiind postate fisele de post cu atributiile aplicantilor care au trecut cel putin de prima etapa de selectie (Sydney).
In nici-un caz nu vor fi postate pentru a fi copiate ca atare si atat. Ar fi suficient sa ajunga doua copii identice la Sydney ca sa va alegeti cu un refuz. Studiati-le si adaptati-le situuatiei voastre.

Lista celor 38 de joburi eligibile pentru emigrare :
( http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/ ... s.asp#list )

0111: Financial Managers
0213: Computer and Information Systems Managers
0311: Managers in Health Care
0631: Restaurant and Food Service Managers
0632: Accommodation Service Managers
0711: Construction Managers
1111: Financial Auditors and Accountants
2113: Geologists, Geochemists and Geophysicists
2143: Mining Engineers
2144: Geological Engineers
2145: Petroleum Engineers
3111: Specialist Physicians
3112: General Practitioners and Family Physicians
3141: Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists
3143: Occupational Therapists
3142: Physiotherapists
3151: Head Nurses and Supervisors
3152: Registered Nurses
3215: Medical Radiation Technologists
3233: Licensed Practical Nurses
4121: University Professors
4131: College and Other Vocational Instructors
6241: Chefs
6242: Cooks
7213: Contractors and Supervisors, Pipefitting Trades
7215: Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades
7217: Contractors and Supervisors, Heavy Construction Equipment Crews
7241: Electricians (Except Industrial and Power System)
7242: Industrial Electricians
7251: Plumbers
7252: Steamfitters, Pipe fitters and Sprinkler System Installers
7265: Welders and Related Machine Operators
7312: Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
7371: Crane Operators
7372: Drillers and Blasters – Surface Mining, Quarrying and Construction
8221: Supervisors, Mining and Quarrying
8222: Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service
9212: Supervisors, Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Processing and Utilities

NOTE: the occupations above are all Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations) or Skill Level A (professional occupations) or B (technical occupations and skilled trades) on the Canadian National Occupational Classification list.

Speram ca topicul sa va fie de ajutor,
“gasca federala”
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Anca Labuneti
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Mesajde Anca Labuneti » 07 Ian 2010, 18:03

User : minodoral74

Oras de destinatie : Waterloo- Ontario

Job eligibil NOC: 4121 – university professor

Dosar 1 : trimis la Sydney in 13 aprilie 2009
OK : primit de la Sydney pe e-mail in 13 iunie 2009
Dosar 2 : trimis la Ambasada Bucuresti in 13 august 2009
-> : cerere completare acte : octombrie 2009
-> :primire formulare medicale (invitatie) : 21 noiembrie 2009
-> : VIZA 22 martie 2010

Main duties:

• teaching information in Public International Law, European Community Law and Human Rights;

• coordinating student final dissertation works;

• coordinating, organizing and/or participating to students’ activities – seminaries, conferences, academic competitions;

• researching and publishing articles/books for the use of students and as part of the doctrine.

- 13 years experience at university and post-university levels.

Motto: “The one who makes things happen is a winner, the one who lets things happen is a loser”.
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Anca Labuneti
Echipa Emigrare.CA
Echipa Emigrare.CA
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Mesajde Anca Labuneti » 07 Ian 2010, 18:27

User: domidomokos

Oras de destinatie : Toronto

Dosar1: trimitere catre Sydney in 12.11.2009
OK : ianuarie 2010

Job eligibil NOC: 1111 - Accountant

1. Detalied description of work duties performed as Accountant:

I worked for SC X SRL firm as an accountant. Ensured that the accounting for this firm was kept in good records and advised the company to pay taxes properly on time. I daily filled in the Cash Book with the receipts operations and payments in cash paying attention to correspondence between receipts and payments to base on the receipts issued and cash payments to suppliers.

I drew up the payment for the bank authorities: payment orders, checks and tickets to order, made the accounting registrations regarding the capital and current assets, money assets, personal funds and other funds, debtors, creditors and other deductions, investments, income and expenditure.
I drew up monthly the trial balances for the synthetic and analytic accounts, paying attention to their correspondence.

I calculated and surveyed the use according to the law of the funds for the payment of wages and other financial rights to employees to base on tally.

Duties performed by mee on the job:

I calculate, prepare and issue documents such as bills, invoices, bank account statements and also i calculate for semestrial taxes owned for the state.
I prepare period or cost statements or reports, respond to client’s inquiries and maintaining a good relations with them, store date using a computerized and manual systems.
I calculate the costs of materials, overhead and other expenses and calculate monthly, semestrial and annual reports on cost/profit statements.
Recording & reconciling of accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank accounts was also in my attribute.
I prepare monthly journal entries and payroll, statement generation, budget and cash flow and review sales reports for accuracy and prepare sales commissions.
I identify and acknowledge weaknesses in internal controls in a proactive manner;
Analyze financial statements and communicate with various departments to obtain variance analysis explanations.
I record and review monthly accounting transactions according to industry standards and based on company policies and procedures using accounting software.
I provide guidance and assistance to junior staff as needed, maintenance of employee records, prepare and review monthly financial statements and also prepare monthly balance sheet reconciliations and various supporting schedules. I supervise all aspects of month end procedures, maintain and reconciling inter-company transactions and recording, reviewing monthly accounting transactions.
I was ensuring the integrity and completeness of accounting data from and identify ,also acknowledging weaknesses in internal controls in a proactive manner .
I create and maintain month-end and annual audited working paper files ; assist with preparation for any audits and compare actual costs to estimates and analyze variances and to develop standard cost data and accurate inventory valuations ;
I was overseeing the inventory and maintaining up-to-date, completing and systematic filing systems to support financial records.
To complete special projects and duties as assigned and resolve account disputes and billing discrepancies was also min my attribute.
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Anca Labuneti
Echipa Emigrare.CA
Echipa Emigrare.CA
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Mesajde Anca Labuneti » 08 Ian 2010, 09:17

User: andreealung

Oras de destinatie : Edmonton sau Calgary, Alberta

Dosar 1: ajuns la Sydney in 13 oct 2009
OK : 16 decembrie 2009

Job eligibil NOC: 7251 - Plumbers

Detalied description of work duties performed as Plumber:

- planning the layout of piping or appliances to be included in a home or a business; building new plumbing systems from rough to finish. In addition to considering aesthetics,making sure all codes and regulations for the state, county, and city are being followed.

- installing and repairing pipes which are used to carry water, gas, sewage, and wastewater

- connecting the internal plumbing to external fixtures like sinks, showers, and washing machines

- installing the water supply and fuel supply systems, for example: cold and hot water supply to bathrooms, kitchens central heating systems and gas or oil supply systems

- welding, soldering fittings together when necessary according to regional plumbing code

- reading blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine layout of plumbing systems, water supply networks and waste and drainage systems

- visiting the home or business in order to perform regular maintenance on the pipes and fixtures. Furthermore, performing repairs on these systems when they become damaged or clogged: rodding sewers, sinks, fixing leaks.

- locating and marking positions for pipe connections, passage holes and fixtures in walls and floors

- measuring, cutting, bending and threading pipes using hand and power tools or machines

- testing pipes for leaks using air and water pressure gauges

- communicating with co-workers, other trades and contractors

- installing and repairing of gas plumbing and fittings, ranging from regulator valves to gas appliances like water heaters and stoves

- repair and maintenance of gas lines from those in a home to a large business which relies on gas for its operations.
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Anca Labuneti
Echipa Emigrare.CA
Echipa Emigrare.CA
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Mesajde Anca Labuneti » 08 Ian 2010, 11:15

User : flo_v

Oras de destinatie : Vancouver - British Columbia

Dosar 1 : ajuns la Sydney in 28 oct 2009
OK : primit de la Sydney (pe e-mail) in 6 ianuarie 2010

Job eligibil NOC: 0711 – Construction Manager

Main Duties:

- Coordination of a construction site of a Greenfield industrial plant, for a construction period of 1½ years on behalf of a German Investor - *******

- Working in international intercomany collaboration with ****** experts for this project; Coordinating different contractors on the site;

- Responsible with construction oversight, quality control, progress evaluation against established schedules, payment approval recommendations and commissioning services;

- Review released design changes, specification for compliance with engineering principles, budget and beneficiary requirements;

- Prepares interim project reports;

- Organizes project staff including subcontractors according to project requirements
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Anca Labuneti
Echipa Emigrare.CA
Echipa Emigrare.CA
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Mesajde Anca Labuneti » 08 Ian 2010, 16:23

! Atentie: este caz atipic - asociat unic la o firma de IT (fara nici-un angajat) si fara carte de munca („One man company”).

User: gilbert

Oras de destinatie: Vancouver

Dosar 1 : ajuns la Sydney - 6 martie 2009
OK Sydney : - 30 martie 2009 (plic)
Dosar 2 : 30 iunie 2009
Primit de la Ambasada confirmare depunere dosar 2 + etichete CB: 16 iulie 2009
Confirmare telefonica privind eligibilitatea: 18 decembrie 2009
Primit fisele medicale + acte aditionale: 23 decembrie 2009
Examen medical: 7 ianuarie 2010
Invitatie depunere pasapoarte pentru viza : 1 Februarie 2010
Viza: 02.03.2010

Job eligibil NOC: 0213 - Computer and Information Systems Managers

Main duties la D1/D2 (IMM 0008 Schedule 3):
- computer projects manager;
- plan & organize projects;
- meet with clients, negociate etc.

Job description (D2)

• meet with clients to find their expectations, discuss the aspects of the projects (system requirements, technical specifications etc.);
• seek to understand the client business nature in order to find the purpose of the project;
• analyse and identify the best solution that will meet the clients' needs; make suggestions and recommendations and offer advice to clients so they can make the best decisions regarding their projects and the future development of their project (and business);
• evaluate the costs of the projects and the time needed to complete the projects;
• make the proposals and negociate with the clients the terms of the deal;
• establish the plan and the phases of the project; determine which information (data, computer files, etc.), components (software, hardware, etc.) or services the client is required to provide for each stage of the project;
• provide ways and modalities for the future development of the project;
• recruit qualified personnel (or suitable outsourcing) for projects that require special know-how or expertise;
• asign tasks when the project requires team work; coordinate, control and supervise the team;
• perform project management as well as resource management (time, money and personnel) for each project;
• establish an operating procedure / protocol for the client if the project involves data processing and working with databases or hardware systems;
• for web development projects: design information architecture, discus with database architect, create or adapt scripts, create layouts and graphic elements or assess them if created by a third party (outsourcing);
• test project's security (especially if online applications are involved); test the final output of the project;
• provide after-sales maintenance and support;
• provide ongoing database management, on demand;
• ensure correct and continuous operation of computer systems and data applications for clients and for my company; upgrade the hardware and/or software on demand or when required;
• keep up-to-date with technological changes or newest technologies in order to be able to make good recommendations or suggestions;
• check the bank account of the company and chase the payments from the clients;
• make the payments to co-workers or partners; make the other payments to vendors; make the payments of the taxes and fees.
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Anca Labuneti
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Echipa Emigrare.CA
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